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FLOURISH Since my teenage years I’ve been an early and baroque music devotee, attending sacred music at New York’s many churches  I’ve thrilled to organ recitals in St. John the Divine’s vast sanctuary where the pipes envelope one with overwhelming sounds, inhaled Monteverdi and Rameau and Scarlatti and Schutz with the incense at Smokey Mary’s […]

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Cry Uncle

I grew up in a violent world.  Boys do that, everywhere, like it or not.  But I had a particular problem growing up a lonely Jewish kid in the late 1950s and early 1960s in a working-class section of an East Tennessee town.  My closest relatives lived 750 miles north.  Summers down south were languorous, […]

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A Crime of Specie

It’s always been interesting to me how something quotidian from another land can take on a quality of wonderment in another. The erasure of that which is day-to-day may be innocent and unlamented at home, yet constitute an act of thoughtless cultural violence in a different country. This was and still is the Crime of […]

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Just Around the Corner

It wasn’t exactly a blind corner, the one I just encountered. I saw things coming. For years a voice inside me has whispered, Soon it’s gonna be your turn…My late uncle, who fashioned himself S. Newton Feldman, looked a lot like me. Slender, soft-spoken. Same eyes, same face, same disease. What is it with people […]

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Dads and Daughts

Dads and Daughts Hold your fire! I confess herewith to bait and switch. This piece is not about NYC history, nor does it concern Yiddish. So go ahead and put me in the stocks. Down by City Hall near the old Bridewell jail site. What notoriety it would bring me ! What more could a […]

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