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A Sow’s Ear…

“You can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse” goes the popular refrain. I beg to differ, though. Sometimes one may. Browsing among the vast piles of bric-a-brac in a Chelsea flea market right before Hannukah, a tiny leather change purse caught my eye. Sifting through piles of dust-covered junk, golden lettering on the […]

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What’s in a name?

[Author’s Note: This essay, like several I’ve written, is liberally sprinkled with Yiddish words, transliterated with English letters via the standard system adopted by the YIVO Institute many decades ago. In most places I’ve translated the word(s) in a parenthetical immediately thereafter]. WHAT’S IN A NAME ? goes the popular refrain. Redolence, I say. Taste […]

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Sauce for the Goose

Throngs filled the corridors of New York’s City Hall on the morning of July 8, 1835 seeking admission to the courtroom where Aaron Burr’s nephew, Justice Ogden Edwards, was conducting a trial that had attracted tremendous attention. Word of the strange action for damages for breach of a marriage promise, brought by a so-called gentleman […]

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Casting Call

New Orleans, apres le deluge, but it was my first visit ever at the start of December: two days and three nights of enchantment and wonder in this living, breathing palimpsest of its many pasts. Slowly, I inhaled the atmosphere, the street names, Desire Iberville, Elysian Fields: so redolent to a newcomer, a sudden lover […]

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Mister Dog

My father was a gentle, quiet, swarthy man, slow and decisive, both with logic and love. It was Summer-time, 1957. The day at a close, he’d read me a picture book. Sitting beside me on my trundle bed, Daddy was all mine. The four others could wait. My favorite story, for the umpteenth time. Once […]

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Dressed to Kill – Part 1

A giant bronze sculpture of a bull elephant having a happy dream stands in the Peace Garden at the northwestern end of the New York City headquarters of the United Nations. Shrubbery at the base hides the beast’s massive equipment, a gesture dictated by local sensibilities, not the artist. Two gargantuan rocky mountain oysters and […]

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A Sad Goodbye

After a years-long adieu, the last major food exchange in lower Manhattan has disappeared. The Fulton Fish Market is no more, moved lock, stock and barrel this past November to a barren industrial park in the East Bronx. A site that nourished our souls for generations has vanished. The loss in incalculable. No longer will […]

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